Monday, May 18, 2015

Proper Canine Socialization - Dogs are like BOOBS.

Now that I've got your attention....Yes.  You read that right.

Dogs are a lot like boobs.

Curious?  Read on.

I know that sounds silly.  But if more owners protected their own dogs like they protect their boobs, and if more people on the street would treat dogs like they treat other people's boobs, I would hear of way fewer issues regarding over-enthusiastic puppy greetings, fear bites, and actual aggression in my job.

Think about fact, I'll help you.  Just insert the word "boobs" in the following statements:

1.  Dogs [boobs] are everywhere, but they are not for overt, sustained, focused, public attention or groping.

2.  Just because dogs [boobs] are around - even if the dogs [boobs] belong to a good friend or acquaintance - there are limits on how much interaction is appropriate with the dogs [boobs] both people and other dogs!

3.  Dogs [boobs] come in all shapes and sizes.

4.  Some people really want you to notice their dogs [boobs].

5.  Some people are more reserved about their dogs [boobs].

6.  Sometimes, dogs [boobs] are really brought out on display - at barbecues, parties, or other public places.  In fact, a lot of dogs [boobs] are even purposefully being 'shown off' - so to speak.

When it comes to boobs, we all seem to know without talking about it that it's not appropriate to stare at, talk to, or touch them when we see them out and about.  In fact, we take this so far as to know that even talking about NOT talking about them is socially 'off'.

Yet somehow, many people feel it's completely ok to walk right up and begin staring at, talking to, or touching someone else's dog.  Or to let their dog run right up to say "Hi!"

And many dog owners are also unaware that this is not ok.  For dogs - especially as they mature - unwanted fondling, eye contact, and being prattled at by strangers (be they dogs or humans) is uncomfortable!

If you are a dog [boobs] admirer (and anyone reading this blog probably not only admires, but down right loves dogs of all shapes and sizes), your love of dogs [boobs] does not give you license to ogle, fondle, or babble at someone else's dog [boobs].

And for dog owners - the next time you're out in public (or have guests in your home) with your dog, think about...boobs.  I guarantee, if you protect your dog the way you protect your boobs (or your spouse's boobs), your dog will thank you for it!

For both dogs and boobs, there can (and should be) be such a thing as discreet admiration and appreciation.

Jennifer Hime is a canine behavior consultant and the owner and training director at Front Range K9 Academy in Wheat Ridge, CO. She has been working with dogs professionally for 25 years.  She can be contacted through her website at:

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